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Beautiful Interior Design & Formatting for YOUR Book

Your Designer: Teri Barnett

As a bestselling author and award winning visual artist, Teri has a unique understanding of the importance of having the perfect interior formatting, design, and cover for your work. She started Indie Book Designer in 2020 with an eye toward helping other authors create the best look for their novel, novella, or short story.  

You can find Teri's fiction and non-fiction books and art at Follow her on Instagram @TeriBarnettAuthor and on Facebook.
me 1022_edited.jpg
Black Cat Lou, assistant
BCL handles the day to day operations at Indie Book Designer, making sure Teri stays on schedule and, more importantly, keeps this old lady cat's bowl full of snacks, her water cool, and litter box fresh. Follow her adventures on Instagram @TheBlackCatLou.
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