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Beautiful Interior Design & Formatting for YOUR Book

eBook Formatting/Interior Design

The interior design of your book is just as important as the cover. I take your completed manuscript and create a beautiful interior based on industry standard practices and your preferences.

eBook Formatting Details

  • Pricing starts at $299 for ebook formatting and is based on word count, graphics, specific formatting/design requests, etc. You'll receive your eBook in the industry standard format of epub, designed to specifically work with whichever retailers you choose (Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, Barnes & Noble, Apple).  Additional formats may be available upon request. 

  • Turn around time depends on the complexity of your project but typically runs 14 days. Rush orders will be completed within 7 days and payment of a $99 upcharge.​ Please note these time frames are based from when I receive your payment/final .doc file, and the assumption any questions I may have are answered promptly.

  • Ready to get started? Contact me with your book details and I'll provide a quote! I look forward to working with you!

Create an Amazing Reader Experience with a Professionally Designed Book Interior

Formatting & Design Clients
Partial List

Ottawa Press & Publishing, Patricia Grasso, Susan Aylworth, Elizabeth Perona, L.K. Bryant, Sr. Diane Carollo, Belle Ami, Sylvia J. Hyde, Don Butler, Dan Lalande, Brenda Gayle, Mary Oldham, Bob Chenoweth

A Few More Details

  • How it works: Simply fill out the contact form about your project and I'll reach out to you with a quote and payment details. Send in your payment and FINAL .doc file, and I'll get to work on your book!

  • Why do you need specially formatted files to publish your book? Both KDP and IngramSpark, as well as other 'on demand' publishers, have specific requirements for books submitted to them. The publishing industry standard software I use encodes the file to be accepted by these online retailers.

  • Yes! I format both fiction and non-fiction projects.

  • Providing an ISBN for your book is your responsibility. You can set up your account and purchase them here - The ISBN is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies books and book-like products published internationally. Some publishers, like KDP, will provide them for you but if you choose to publish elsewhere, you won't be able to transfer the number and will need a new one. Because of this, I always recommend purchasing your own.

  • If you have a question about a specific publishing platform and how to create your account, please visit their website: Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, Barnes & Noble, Apple.

  • Need both eBook and Print versions of your book? Contact me for discounted pricing!

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